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$199 ADVANCED Certification (Save $100)
 $95 NITROX Certification (Save $75)


First let me congratulate you on your choice to become an Open Water Diver. 
During every class new divers will ask me whatís the next step? 
Well the next logical step is the Advanced Open Course.

Lets face it knowledge equals safety, the more you know the more places you can go, and the more fun you will have.  You donít want to be one of those divers who people roll their eyes at because you get lost every time you dive, or you are over dependent on your buddies.

Open Water class teaches the basics of safe diving.  Open Water Diver is the beginning level.  Advanced Open Water takes it another step.

Advanced class teaches you to relax, enjoy, and deal with the real underwater world.   In the Advanced class you will learn very important skills like:

  • NAVIGATION Ė I will teach you how to effectively use your compass underwater.  Find your way back to the boat every time (required).
  • DEEP DIVING - Some of the best wrecks are in deeper water.  Most reputable dive shops will only take out Advanced divers to deep wrecks (required).  
  • SEARCH & RECOVERY - Find your buddies gold watch if he drops it, or find your buddy.  Take charge and lead the search.
  • NIGHT DIVE - Itís a whole new world after the sun goes down.
  • PEAK PERFORMANCE BUOYANCY Ė Stay off the bottom and stop floating to the top.  Learn how to hover without any effort.
  • WRECK DIVING - Aquatic life is most abundant around wrecks.  Learn how to work your way around and find your way inside wrecks.
  • UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHER Ė Water distorts light, learn how to take quality underwater pictures to show your friends.   

In the Advanced class you will complete five types of dives designed to boost your confidence and increase your knowledge of the underwater world.  To maximize your dive time, there is very minimal class time.  In the Advanced Open Water course, I emphasize diving.   You must complete the Deep Dive and the Underwater Navigation.  The other 3 dives are your choice.  The five training dives may be completed in one weekend.  

Save $100 on Advanced Open Water Diver: 

Sign up for the Advanced Course before you finish your Open Water class and I will give you free gear rental on your Advanced Course.  I will also give you $50 off the price of Advanced Course.  You save a total of  $100 by signing up now. I know right now youíre saying this sounds like a sales pitch. Sure it is but itís also and more importantly a safety pitch.  In the 12 years Iíve been teaching scuba I've had NO accidents.  I truly believe this is because I place a great deal of importance on continuing your dive education.  Open Water teaches you how to dive. The Advanced Course teaches you how to dive better and safer. Dive with confidence become an Advanced Diver.

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Open Water Diver

Per Day
B.C.D Free $15
Reg Free $15
Mask/ Snorkel $20 class pool and four dives $5
Fins/ Booties $10
Wetsuit $10 $10
Tank Free $10
 Weight or Belt Free $10 + $3.00 /lb
955-DIVE,   (615)955-3483