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The best SCUBA Instructor in Hendersonville also has the best classroom!

Make sure you are on the Roster and confirm the day before. Please email me to get on the roster.


SCUBA NASHVILLE & Scuba Marcos PADI Classroom
315 West Main Street, Suit 31
Hendersonville, TN 37075

Watch the dive Table videos at home and learn the PADI Dive Tables before you come to class.
 Call me anytime.  I have taught 1000s of dive table classes, Call me anytime I'll be
happy to help you over the phone.

Its right next to Captain D's

The entrance is on the left front of the building.

My classroom is upstairs on the third floor Suite 31 at the top of the stairs you can't miss it.

My Scuba Classroom comfortably seats large groups of up to 8 Students.


I prefer smaller classes of 4 or 5 students.  All I need is 3 students to have a class.

Call me to set  your own schedule.

Click on  Google maps for larger picture.

Right next to Captain D's on Main Street.
955-DIVE,   (615)955-3483