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 PADI Open Water Students in class receive all your rental gear free.  Parrot Island Dive Club members get half off rental gear.

Come Diving with us anytime.  You may rent a tank and dive all day.

You must be a certified scuba diver and present Certification card to rent any gear.  A deposit will be required.

Parrot Island Club Members
receive Half Price rental.




Open Water Diver
 Student enrolled in class.

Per Day
Certified Diver

B.C.D Free $20
Reg Free $20
Mask/ Snorkel

$20 pool and four dives

Fins/ Booties $10
Wetsuit $10 $20
Tank Free $20
 Weight or Belt Free $3.00/lb +$10




Air Fills $5.00
Hydrostatic inspection $35
Visual Inspection $10
955-DIVE,   (615)955-3483