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About your Scuba Instructor Marcos


I'm a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer,  & Instructor Development Course Staff Instructor.
I love introducing new divers to the fun exiting world of water.

I used to be a Scuba Instructor in the Caribbean working for a large dive shop on St Thomas.  Thierteen years ago I moved to Nashville to teach scuba lessons, and be my own boss.  I was a small Private instructor offering the best service and best scuba training in Nashville.  Over the years my business has to grown bigger and bigger and Bigger. Now I'm still a Private instructor offering the best service and personal dive training.  Thanks to several hundred students telling their friends about me, I am now the biggest private scuba instructor teaching in Nashville, Middle TN and KY. My scuba classes are still small and personal even though I teach more students each year then most dive shops.

 My first dive was in Peru when I was about 12 years old.  I grew up on the coast Peru surfing and snorkeling, my parents are missionaries. I attended Penzotti School in Lima, and SAM Academy in the jungle town of Pucallpa Peru.  I didn't try scuba again until college.   My college buddy Michael convinced me to get scuba certified so he would have a dive buddy.  I've been diving ever since then. I completed my Divemaster in Nashville, and when I became a PADI instructor,  I sold my business and moved to St. Thomas.  I taught scuba there for a while then came back to the U.S. to be my own boss.   I have introduced thousands people to the wonderful exciting world of scuba diving. Now I am a full time Scuba Instructor. If I'm not diving I'm teaching a scuba class.  We take great trips all over the Caribbean. I fill tanks, sell scuba gear, rent gear, take dive trips, and do everything a dive shop does, only better.  I offer the best Scuba instruction at the best price. I cost less and offer better service because I don't have all the extra expenses and overhead of a dive shop. I provide better service then any dive shop without the high dive shop prices.

Personal scuba instruction at the best price in Nashville Guaranteed!

We've started a great dive club "Parrot Island Divers" for people who want to have a good time diving, meeting other divers and going on scuba trips. Parrot Island Divers is a club for non divers and divers from all agencies and dive shops who want to get together with other divers.  Come dive with us or meet the crowd at one of our many scuba parties.  Everyone is welcome.
SCUBA Lessons & PADI Certification in Middle Tennessee

I've been teaching scuba so long my old pictures need updating.  I will soon, but I like the younger pictures.

Scuba Instructor Marcos a few years ago.

Parrot Gear,  Dive shirts, Caps...

Island Hopping.  Scuba instruction has been good.
Very happy scuba diver Scuba Marcos had a mustache

Do Not touch the animals.

Working at home

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Scuba Marcos had Long hair too

Happy in the sun


955-DIVE,   (615)955-3483