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We use 3 different pools.
Please make sure you're on the roster and know what pool we are using.

Glencliff High School

160 Antioch Pike, Nashville
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Check the day before to confirm which pool.

Gallatin Civic Center
210 Albert Gallatin Ave, Gallatin
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Check the day before to confirm which pool.

Margaret Maddox Family YMCA

2624 Gallatin Pike, Nashville, TN 37216
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Check the day before to confirm which pool.

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I'll show you how to set up your gear and perform a proper safety check.

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Indoor Pool    Gallatin Civic Center
Make a splash in the "L" shaped indoor pool. This unique shape allows for 8, 25 yard swimming lanes and a roped off shallow end for free play and water exercise classes. The gradual 3' to 10' slope of the pool is perfect for open swim, lap swimming, water exercise classes, swim team practice and meets, swimming classes, Scuba classes, and lifeguard training.
Whirlpool Spa
Relax after a great workout in our 3,000 gallon therapeutic hot tub. Our spacious spa seats 12 to 18 and has 17 jets for the ultimate in relaxation. The water temperature is maintained at approximately 104 degrees for soothing comfort and maximum muscle benefit.  We scuba train until you need a break then get in the hot tub to rest for the next session.
Get relief from tired, achy muscles with our dry/wet heat sauna.
955-DIVE,   (615)955-3483