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Beginning Scuba
"Open Water Diver"

Including 4 Scuba dives.
  ( Special $295)

Complete SCUBA Certification in the Nashville and Middle TN Area.
Minimum age 10

Class & Pool Session
Four Mandatory Check out dives 


 FIVE Dives (Free Extra Dive Special!)


Scuba training in large heated pool

If you learn the PADI dive tables and have studied all 5 chapters, you may skip class and just take the quizzes and final exam.  I made youtube videos explaining the PADI dive tables. Watch me teaching them before you come to class.

Start any time.  All you need is the home study Book and videos.  After you have studied and watched the videos,  we meet for a 3 to 8 hour class.  Then we're off to the pool for SCUBA training.  It's that simple start today, I'll bring you the book and video.

DownLoad  "What do do Before Class"

Scuba Check Out dives, what, when, where.

Tables scrap

Complete summer Scuba Certification Price of $349 includes:  
Complete SCUBA certification,  Academic,  pool training, 4 scuba dives, air tanks,  regulators, BCD and registration.  All you have to purchase is a mask fins and snorkel, unless I have them in your size. We do the check-out dives in TN.

The first level of your scuba training is the most exciting class!  You get to take your first breath under water.  I will show you how to safely assemble your SCUBA gear, enter the water, clear your mask, and use your fins. Take your time and learn at your own pace.  Once you are comfortable and have mastered the skills, we get to go diving.

Open Water Scuba diving is taught in three parts:
Open Water Diver PADI Scuba Lessons Course Standards

1. Academic:   In the academic portion of your training you watch a three hour DVD and read the Open Water Diver Manual.  You may watch the video at home, study at your own pace.  After you have studied call me and we'll schedule a class time for you. I'll go over everything with you to make sure you understand all the material.    You'll have to take four short quizzes and an easy 50-question final exam. The academic portion takes about 8 hours.  You study at home for 4 hours and with me for another 4 hours.   Call me and I'll bring you the materials you need to start your underwater adventure. 

If you learn the PADI dive tables and  study all 5 chapters, you may skip class and just take the quizzes and final exam.  I made youtube videos explaining the PADI dive tables. Watch me teach them before you come to class.

2. Pool:   This is the fun part where you'll learn and practice your new scuba skills.   You'll have plenty of time to get comfortable underwater and play with your SCUBA gear.  I'll even bring an underwater camera so you may take pictures.  We do the pool training in a large indoor heated pool. There are 3 four hour pool sessions included in the price.   Scuba certification is performance based you may not need all three sessions. 

Debbie After taking a whole roll of pictures of the Jew Fish3. Scuba Dive: This is the best part, you will actually go SCUBA diving with your instructor.  You'll complete four Checkout dives* . These 4 dives are completed over 2 days. During the dives you will demonstrate the skills you learned in the pool.  I believe the best way to learn to SCUBA dive is by actually diving.  I emphasize diving, maximize your time underwater practicing Scuba diving.  Each day you'll spend about 3 hours at the scuba quarry.  I have scuba training dives most every weekend in the Summer. Download and print PADI Skills for Open water Dives.

You must complete all three parts of your training to become a PADI certified Scuba Diver.

Certification Price includes:  
Complete PADI certification,  Academic,  pool training, 4 scuba dives, air tanks,  regulators, BCD and PADI certification card.  Free equipment rental for your check-out dives.  Free use of Mask Fins and Snorkel subject to availability.

Equipment needed:
Swim Suit, Towel
Mask, Fins, Snorkel and a big smile.

Price is per person based on two or more students.   For the Open Water Scuba Lessons,   you may need to purchase mask,  fins, and snorkel.  There will be a $50 deposit for the Videos or DVD study materials.  I provide the regulators,  buoyancy compensator device (BCD),  and  tanks.  You will have to make four actual dives (checkout dives).  The location of the check-out dives is up to you.   SCUBA quarries in TN and KY charge about $20 per day.  If you would like to complete the 4 checkout dives in Florida or the Caribbean, there will be an additional cost for Ocean dives that include hotel, and boat fees.  You may want to rent a wetsuit for the open water dives.


Call me,
I'll bring you the Starter Kit.  The Starter Kit contains;  an Open Water Dive Manual, dive tables, 2 videos or DVD.     
It's as easy as 1-2-3.


More information:

PADI scuba lessons are taught in 3 parts; Academic, Pool Training, and Diving.  

Prices are based on 2 or more students.  Private classes cost $100 extra per session.

1.  For the academic portion you need the video and book, you may study at home at your own pace. The videos take about 3 hours to watch.  Just follow along with the book completing the end-of-chapter study questions.  We'll schedule a time so I may teach you a little more and go over all the material to make sure you understand everything, this will take about 4 hours.  You'll take four 10 question quizzes and a 50 question final exam.  Don't worry; it is very easy everyone passes.  I'll make sure you’re well prepared for the test. 

2.  For the pool training, I use the Gallatin Civic Center pool.  It's a very large indoor heated pool.  You learn scuba skills, practice diving and have fun getting used to breathing underwater.  The skills you learn in the pool are the skills you'll have to demonstrate while on 4 actual SCUBA dives (Checkout dives).  In the winter we go to warmer water, Panama City Beach, Key Largo or even a cheap weekend trip to Mexico. 

3.  You must complete 4 checkout dives to become a PADI certified scuba diver.  You have three options to complete the four checkout dives.  

Complete certification in TN. Take the Class and Pool now and complete your certification with me in TN as soon as the local scuba waters get warm enough to dive.  The advantage to this is it is less expensive than a FL trip, and you may come to the pool every time I have a pool session.  Practice your scuba skills and have fun in the pool all winter. Complete Certification price includes all the scuba equipment, classroom, pool sessions and 4 local checkout scuba dives.  The only thing not included is the entrance fee to the local scuba quarry, about $20.

 Panama City FL Trip and PADI lessons.    Get Certified in Florida, dive the Gulf or natural fresh water springs close to Panama City Beach.  In the winter we go south for warmer water to complete the 4 checkout dives.  A Panama City FL certification trip cost an additional fees and includes, entrance fee to the State park for a 2-tank Jetties Dive, or a 2-tank boat dive in the Gulf or four scuba dives at one of the local fresh water Natural Springs.  Panama City Beach is only an 8-hour drive has many wrecks and artificial reefs and is one of the premiere wreck diving sites in the United States.

Caribbean certification. For not much more, once you add in your gas and food and hotel for a FL trip, you can get certified in the warm sunny Caribbean water. There are many inexpensive all-inclusive specials flying out of Nashville.  I'll find the best deal on a Keys or a Cozumel trip and you can go on a Certification Vacation. There may be additional Caribbean certification costs depending on the location + price of the trip. 

You may complete a PADI referral.  This is not a complete certification.  You take the class and pool with me here and I send you to another instructor for your final certification. You complete the 4 checkout dives while on you’re vacation. I'll give you all the paperwork for you to take to the PADI instructor who will charge you between $200 and $300.  The disadvantage is while on vacation you are demonstrating skills to an instructor who is not familiar with your abilities. The advantage is you get to dive while on vacation.
955-DIVE,   (615)955-3483